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Internet down? Continue working offline. Slide No Internet
connectivity at all?
Use our desktop POS
register system.
Good Internet connectivity? Use POS online register,100% of the time. Need more than a tablet based POS? Check our related products Swipe and accept credit cards and gift cards Imagine knowing how business is doing no matter
what time it is and where you are in the world!
POMeGauge is a android/iPhone based application
that provides continuous real-time access to your stores:
Total Sales, The Number of Customers that walked in,
Amount of cash in drawer(s) and the Amount of future
orders ordered.

Do you have multiple Stores? No problem!
POMeGauge gives you a breakdown of each of
your stores allowing you to conveniently view information
with a touch of a button. With POMeGauge you can
monitor the activity of your store. POMeGauge also
allows the user to go back to previous days and
analyze what happened on each of those days
making it easy to view information.

10 Advantages

  • Affordable

    With POMePOS, there is no need to purchase an expensive system. Instead, you pay a low monthly subscription fee which grants you access to […]

  • Happier Customers

    Imagine a long line of customers at lunch time, each waiting for his or her turn to place an order. With a tablet, the […]

  • Supported 24/7

    TwinPeaks Online offers 24/7 phone support to POMePOS users. If you encounter any technical issues or need help with implementation, contact TwinPeaks Online support […]

  • Real-time Reporting

    One of the most exciting features of POMePOS is the ability of a user to access sales data from anywhere, at anytime through a […]

  • Modern and Powerful

    The rise of the tablet-based POS coincides with the decline of the démodé, dedicated “all-in-one” dinosaurs. Tablets sport crisper displays than old PCs and […]

  • Lightweight and Portable

    Unlike an old fashioned POS system, tablets are portable and wireless. They are ideal for use in a food truck lacking counter space or […]

  • Cloud-based SQL Data Storage

    Cloud-based technology greatly reduces the amount of on-site networking maintenance required. You no longer have to learn how to setup and operate your own […]

  • More than a POS

    Other POS systems are often custom-built for specialized industries such as restaurants or are general in purpose and thus are limited to performing a […]

  • Readily Available Components

    TwinPeaks Online takes a modular approach to its software to provide the best overall customer experience. POMePOS integrates with many hardware components like receipt […]

  • Easily Scalable

    With a tablet-based POS it’s easy to add terminals: simply set up a new station on your account, install the application, login, and download […]

System Components

  • f-209x11575ss

    POMePOS – Server is the web-based component of the product that is used by managers to perform maintenance/backend functions. Such functions include: adding more […]

  • f-209x11511

    POMePOS-Client is an application that runs on 10″ Android tablets without the continuous use of an Internet connection. This component of the system is […]

  • f-209x11575-(1dse)

    POMePOS – Online, the third component of the product is totally web-based. It, too, allows cashiers to make sales and receive payments. For its […]

Related Products

POMeSYS is a library of web-based applications that can be grouped in two.
POMeSYS-remote is a cloud based order entry management system designed for use by customers of wholesale businesses.
POMeSYS-host is a library of modules: Sales Order-Wholesale, Accounts Receivable, Raw Material Inventory Control and Recipe Costing, Purchase Order.

BakeryMarketPlace is a virtual community where bakers and customers meet to conduct business. As an online portal for bakers, it allows your current customers as well as potential ones from anywhere in the world to locate your bakery, place orders and pay for their purchases.
Z-POS-offline is available in three versions. The standard version performs the functions of a regular cash register. The enhanced version, in addition to all the features of the standard, allows selling products to ‘wholesale’ customers on account. Finally, the premium version, in addition to all of the features of the enhanced also allows user to accept cake orders and print production sheets and labels.
POMeCRM publishes, markets, and supports customer relationship management (CRM) software. It is used to facilitate and streamline the sales process; to initiate, track and measure the success of marketing campaigns over multiple channels (such as: email, search, social media, telephone, and direct mail); to create, assign and manage requests made by customers; to help direct customers to agents; and to identify and reward loyal customers. POMeCRM also provides suitable appointment times to customers via e-mail or the web.
Maintains a database of ingredients with all of the nutritional values as defined and provided by the USDA. The User relates each ingredient used in the recipe to an equivalent ingredient in the USDA database. With that done, POMeNutri calculates the nutritional information of each product. The User can then view such info, export it to a spreadsheet or simply print a label.
POMePOS-client is designed for a 10-inch tablet that uses the Google Android operating system. Accessories (such as tablet stands, cash registers, printers, barcode scanners, and credit card scanners) can be provided as needed and purchased directly from TwinPeaks Online.