Z-Bake Point of Sale / Flavors Bakery

In using Z-Bake as our point of sale solution for Flavors Bakery since our opening in early July (2012), we have found the POS system to be easy to maintain and use. It is especially helpful to see what is selling to help determine what items we want to showcase and those that need to be discontinued. The sales and support staff at TwinPeaks Software have been very quick to respond when we have called upon them to help address any questions or issues that come up. I believe that Z-Bake is a great value and is a good overall fit for our Bakery. I cannot imagine what our opening would have been like if we did not have Z-Bake as our POS. We look forward to activating the additional features, such as gift cards and the loyalty program, in the near future. 

My Online Bakery / Schripps European Bread

The most beautiful thing about My Online Bakery – Remote is its simplicity. My customers love it. Call traffic & volume has reduced as a result of the customer putting in there own order instead of calling them in; which in turn gives our customer service department more time for customers and extra attention to detail. 

Z-Bake / Europane Bakery

I would make the same decision to buy Z-Bake if George came with the package. He is very patient and makes you feel comfortable by eliminating the anxiety of using a new system. I love how the system can track my products and can provide predictions of future sales. 

Z-Bake / Point of Sale & Sales Orders Wholesale

Absolutely recommend Z-Bake! I spent over an hour on the phone with a potential customer of Z-bake talking about all it’s capabilities. I have had my bakery since 1991 and have been using Z-Bake since 1993. It is a system where all the components work together. George and his team have partnered with me to help me progress in my business.