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The application and peripherals (stand, credit card reader, etc…) are designed to run on a 10.1 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 or 4.
There are no limits to the number of stores or terminals within any one store. Reports are designed to add up sales figures for one terminal, a store or the whole company.
Custom Configuration
Each terminal can be individually configured in relation to users, drawers and printers.
Finished goods inventory is maintained by POMePOS. Raw materials, packaging and unfinished products inventory is handled by the Inventory Control and Costing module that is available for an additional charge.
Training is provided over the web by one of our specialists for the first 30 days from day of purchase.
The backend server component of POMePOS is always current. The latest version of the Android Client app is always available to customers for download.
Menu Setup
Assistance is provided to each customer during the initial training period. However, it is the customer’s responsibility to enter and maintain all data.
There are many reports available for sales analysis and sales taxes collected. However, if new ones are needed, customers are encouraged to submit their requests to the POMePOS site for consideration. Depending on the nature of such reports, they would be completed at no additional charge.
Employee work schedules are entered and maintained. If desired, the application will restrict clocking in and out beyond scheduled shifts.
Gift Cards
POMePOS enables user to process gift cards at no additional charge. No per transaction fee; no additional machine or tablet needed to process.
Data Export
Daily sales figures as well as payments received in all forms are exported to accounting software packages such as QuickBooks.