Why Us?

Because ours …

Is more than just another POS

Your business is somewhat unique. We understand that. We look at all of your other needs and requirements: Your wholesale order entry system, production, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), costing, lot item tracking, nutritional analysis and more.

Runs offline as well as online

In a POS application, having the ability to sell all of the time is an absolute must. 100% reliability is required. Continuous Internet connectivity depends on many external factors and at times, it slows down or is totally lost. Therefore, we provide a variety of fully functional online and offline POS services. In situations where access to the Internet is unavailable or unreliable, our POMePOS-Android tablet will function independently and allow you to continue doing business without any interruptions. However, if you have good Internet connectivity, and would prefer a desktop version of our software, POMePOS-Register is our entirely web based alternative. For adding new items, changing screen layouts or making end-of-day operations in your POS store, our POMePOS-Backend Server is a web based management component designed for the operation of maintenance and backend functions.

Provides you with actionable data 

POMePOS operates on a live reporting basis. After each sale, data created on the tablet is instantly exported to the web server. Sales reports can be accessed at anytime from anywhere. This function will give you greater ability to manage your growing business, organize inventory, accounting, customer information, and orders.

An affordable alternative

Compared to similar products and services on the market, we believe that our system is of great value and more affordable. For a low monthly fee of around $40, with no setup and training fees POMePOS might be the solution for you. No contracts to sign. No long term commitments. You can start anytime and stop anytime. All of our software comes with free 24 Hour Support and allows you to affordably operate a complex business with a small team.