POMePOS – Backend Server

POMePOS - Server is the web-based component of the product that is used by managers to perform maintenance/backend functions. Such functions include: adding more new items, changing screen layouts, making reports, and do end of day operations.


POMePOS – Client

POMePOS-Client is an application that runs on 10" Android tablets without the continuous use of an Internet connection. This component of the system is used by cashiers to make sales and receive payments.

As part of POMeSYS—a library of cloud based and integrated accounting and management applications—POMePOS-client shares its files maintenance and reporting functionalities. However, POMePOS-client functions independently in situations where access to the internet is either unavailable or unacceptably slow or unreliable.

Unlike most ‘restaurant’ type POS applications, POMePOS-client provides users the ability to sell a lot of items very easily. For example, with just two touches a user can sell any of 960 inventory items. That number jumps to 28,800 with an additional touch.


POMePOS – Online

POMePOS – Online, the third component of the product is totally web-based. It, too, allows cashiers to make sales and receive payments. For its proper use web access must be continuous, reliable and fast.