10 Advantages of POMePOS

POMePOS is a web and Android tablet based POS system with special utilities and enhancements for the food, baking, and restaurant industries. POMePOS has three components or modules. The first, identified as POMePOS-Backend Server, is a cloud-based program. Here managers set up a database of items to sell. The second component, known as POMePOS-Client Android, is an app written in Java that runs on 10” Android tablets. Its main function is to allow users (cashiers, servers, salespeople) to make sales. The third module, called POMePOS-Client Dashboard, is an app that runs on Android and Apple phones and tablets. It allows managers to be continuously updated with the latest sales data.

10 Advantages of POMePOS

A State-of-the-Art Tablet-Based POS System


1. Affordable
With POMePOS, there is no need to purchase an expensive system. Instead, you pay a low monthly subscription fee which grants you access to the current software, future upgrades and technical support. While you will not own the cloud-based POS server software, the low monthly cost and continued service makes POMePOS an economical choice for most businesses.

2. Happier Customers
Imagine a long line of customers at lunch time, each waiting for his or her turn to place an order. With a tablet, the server can go to your customer and take the order as soon as the customer walks in. That will speed up the line movement and ultimately increase customer satisfaction.

3. Supported 24/7
TwinPeaks Online offers 24/7 phone support to POMePOS users. If you encounter any technical issues or need help with implementation, contact TwinPeaks Online support representatives via phone, chat, email, or fax.

4. Real-time Reporting
One of the most exciting features of POMePOS is the ability of a user to access sales data from anywhere, at anytime through a dashboard on the server application or a separate specialized mobile app. Available information includes total sales, employee specific performance, and inventory tracking. The app allows you to receive updated data instantaneously following every transaction. You can keep more of your business records paperless for a smaller environmental footprint and greater privacy.

5. Modern and Powerful
The rise of the tablet-based POS coincides with the decline of the démodé, dedicated “all-in-one” dinosaurs. Tablets sport crisper displays than old PCs and the software they run is more colorful and attractive while maintaining all the same – if not more – functionality. Technically speaking, the tablet component of POMePOS is written in Java and the host in PHP code; the same programming languages that power world-class software.

6. Lightweight and Portable
Unlike an old fashioned POS system, tablets are portable and wireless. They are ideal for use in a food truck lacking counter space or at farmers markets. Unlike other web-based POS systems, POMePOS functions offline. When connectivity is reestablished, data is uploaded to the web component.

7. Cloud-based SQL Data Storage
Cloud-based technology greatly reduces the amount of on-site networking maintenance required. You no longer have to learn how to setup and operate your own servers. Rather, you interact with a web application that is maintained by TwinPeaks Online, your software provider. The initial setup simply involves entering your inventory items and user information one time; easier done than said because any existing data is easily migrated by importing spreadsheets. From there, your data is securely backed up in the cloud; safe from theft, disaster, and viruses, and instantly available anywhere, anytime.

8. More than a POS
Other POS systems are often custom-built for specialized industries such as restaurants or are general in purpose and thus are limited to performing a small amount of operations. Unlike those systems, POMePOS provides specific functionalities not commonly found in other POS systems. Some of these features include: recipe costing, wholesale business management, lot item tracking, route delivery system, custom cake order entry, accounts receivable, and nutritional analysis.

9. Readily Available Components
TwinPeaks Online takes a modular approach to its software to provide the best overall customer experience. POMePOS integrates with many hardware components like receipt printers, credit card scanners, and cash drawers. We encourage you to find the best and most reasonably-priced hardware available on the open market. Nonetheless, we also provide recommendations as a courtesy service.

10. Easily Scalable
With a tablet-based POS it’s easy to add terminals: simply set up a new station on your account, install the application, login, and download your data from the cloud. A tablet-based POS provides the best way to maintain a consistent inventory and pricing catalog across multiple stores and registers. It is also possible to apply markdowns and discounts – either universally or per sale – through a user friendly interface.